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Another delay for Wichita’s new Coney Island Hot Weiners restaurant

The new Coney Island Hot Weiners is essentially finished and ready to go at t 1001 W. Douglas in Delano, and during the last week of June, the owners pinned Monday, July 8, as opening day — as long everything stayed on track.

It didn’t.

The ansul system for the restaurant’s hood, which helps extinguish fires, hasn’t been delivered yet and probably won’t be until the end of this week, owners shared on Facebook over the weekend. They won’t get their final inspections until it’s installed, and they don’t want to put another possible opening date out there until it is.

“We know this has been frustrating for you our valued future customer and we appreciate your patience as we deal with delayed equipment delivery, inspections etc.,” the post read.

The opening has been delayed several times — originally it was planned for November 2018 — but construction is all but complete now, and if the tour I got a few weeks ago is any indication, it should be worth the wait.

Coney Island Hot Weiners is part of a Tulsa-based chain, and some local partners have been licensed to open restaurants in 12 markets including Wichita. Its menu will include coney dogs, Frito pies, tamales and “3-way chili,” a dish made by topping spaghetti with chili and beans. It’ll also have cinnamon rolls provided by Reverie Coffee Roasters/Founders Bakery and beer to wash it all down.

I’ll let you know when the restaurant is ready to go.

Coney Island menu

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