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Where to get French food in Wichita if you can’t actually be ‘An American in Paris’

Music Theatre Wichita’s new show “An American In Paris” opens tonight at Century II and runs through Sunday.

For those theater-goers who want to really get into the theme, a few Wichita restaurants would be happy to serve you a French meal before the show.

Wichita has only one restaurant that focuses on French food — the fabulous George’s French Bistro — but there are several others that have a French flair or French dishes on the menu. One restaurant, The Kitchen at Union Station, even plans to offer a special French menu through the run of the show.

Here are some places in Wichita to dine if you want to get that French feeling.

The Kitchen, 725 E. Douglas: To celebrate the run of “An American In Paris,” The Kitchen’s owner Natasha Gandhi-Rue is serving up a menu of French specials, including quiche, a croque monsieur, French beef stew, creme brulee and a pretty French apple tart. (See the full menu below.) The dishes will be available through Saturday.

georges french onion
Georges French Bistro is a good place to grab a French meal before “An American In Paris.” Denise Neil The Wichita Eagle

Georges French Bistro, This College Hill bistro is about as French as you can get in Wichita. Not only is the menu filled with favorites like French onion soup, crepes, escargot, steak frites and croque Monsieur, but the interior also looks like an authentic French cafe.

Cafe Bel Ami, 229 E. William: This longtime Wichita restaurant is not only close to Century II but it also has several French dishes on its menu, from a filet au poivre and seafood melange for dinner and a gateau for dessert.

Vora Restaurant European, 3252 E. Douglas: This new restaurant isn’t focused soley on French food, but it has several French dishes on the menu, including mussels Provencal, duck frites, Tuscan Veal and Parisian chicken.

La Galette, 1017 W. Douglas: It’s not open in the evenings before MTW shows, but you can go the next day for lunch to relive the show’s Frenchness through pastry. La Galette has a huge French pastry case full of fresh-made galletes, macaroons and eclairs. The food menu includes quiche and sandwiches made on croissant.

The Kitchen’s special French menu

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