Dining With Denise Neil

Former Annex Lounge space is about to become a restaurant/bar catering to veterans

Steve Field first learned his way around the kitchen as an infantry cook in the U.S. Army.

Now he’s a veteran who’s about to realize a longtime dream: owning his own restaurant and bar. And the whole thing is even sweeter, he said, because his business will cater to people who are members of his extended “family” — specifically veterans, members of the military and first responders.

Field is about to open The Foxhole Veterans Lounge in the space at 6305 E. Harry that was home to The Annex Lounge until it closed in January 2018 after 60 years in business.

He hopes that opening day will be, appropriately enough, July 4.

The business will be a full-service restaurant and bar that will be welcoming to veterans, active duty military and first responders — who all will get a 10 percent discount — but it won’t be exclusive. Anyone is welcome in the business.

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