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East-side Doo-Dah Diner will close in advance of downtown’s reopening

The fancy new Doo-Dah Diner downtown at 206 E. Kellogg is still on track to reopen on July 4. But when it does, it will be the only Doo-Dah in town.

In spite of their original plans to keep two Doo-Dah Diners running in Wichita, owners Patrick and Timirie Shibley have decided to close the east-side restaurant they opened just after the first of the year at 1530 S. Webb Road. Its last day in business will be Sunday, June 23.

They changed their minds, Timirie Shibley said, after realizing that the building wasn’t going to work out for them. It was leaky during recent rains, making it uncomfortable for customers, and the kitchen was unmanageably hot.

“We didn’t go into it with the intention of closing it and it just being so temporary,” she said. “However quality is so much more important to us than quantity and we relieved our entire team’s stress level with this decision, and we made it as a group.”

new doo dah.jpg
The east-side Doo-Dah Diner will close after all. Courtesy photo

Timirie Shibley said she and Patrick would consider finding another east-side spot but they won’t think about it for at least a year. Their focus now is on getting the remodeled and much larger new Doo-Dah open and operating. They also hope to get their downtown Doo-Dah Market reopened by September.

“We met so many new friends out east that were introduced to the diner for the first time, and we hope we’ve given them enough reason to venture downtown,” Timirie said.

Stay tuned for a peek inside the new Doo-Dah diner in advance of its July 4 opening.

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