Dining With Denise Neil

His specialty is tacos, but this Wichita chef is about to launch a new burger business

Abel Rodriguez has proven with his Uno Mas taco truck and his Uno Mas Fresh Mex restaurant at 21st and Amidon that he knows how to make a good taco.

What people don’t know, though, Rodriguez says, is that he also can make a mean burger.

Next week, Rodriguez will roll out the newest addition to his food business collection: a second food truck, this one called Uno Mas Burgers.

He’ll have it out for the first time on Thursday during lunch at the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park, Rodriguez said.

Abel Rodriguez, owner of Uno Mas ICT taco truck and Uno Mas Fresh Mex, is about to open a food truck specializing in burgers and fries. Benjamin Douglass Courtesy photo

The truck, which Rodriguez built himself, looks like a smaller version of his Uno Mas taco truck which he opened in 2016. But it will focus on burgers and fries.

Rodriguez said he’ll offer 20 different types of burgers, ranging from a Mexican burger to a mac-and-cheese burger, that will rotate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. He’ll also serve seasoned fries and a Mexican hot dog.

Rodriguez said he decided he wanted another food truck because there’s so much demand for his main rig from people throwing private parties and events around town and wanting a caterer with a mobile kitchen who can prepare things fresh on site. The new truck will allow him to accept more private gigs, and like the taco truck, he’ll take the burger truck out to the various pop up parks and food truck rallies, too, he said.

“There’s a lot of opportunity out there,” he said. “You just have to have the right concept.”