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Food Network star posts photos of his Wichita visit

Attentive fans of Food Network star Duff Goldman noticed on Thursday that the celebrity appeared to be in Wichita.

Goldman, known for the Food Network reality series “Ace of Cakes,” posted on Instagram several photos shot in Wichita throughout the day, including one in a popular downtown restaurant. Several followers wondered why he was in town.

I can’t say for sure, but I recalled a story I wrote in 2017 about Goldman, where he revealed that his great-grandmother was from Wichita.

He was being interviewed on an episode of fellow Food Network Star Alton Brown’s podcast. During the episode, Goldman shared that his great-grandmother, an immigrant from Russia, had once owned a hat store in Wichita.

Brown, an outspoken Wichita fan, said he loved the town, and Goldman agreed.

“There’s a crazy soda fountain I’ll tell you about,” Goldman says. “It’s really great.”

On Thursday, Goldman posted two photos of himself at that soda fountain — Old Mill Tasty Shop at 604 E. Douglas. In one, he’s sipping on a chocolate malt and writes, “That chocolate malt though.” In the other, he poses for a selfie in front of the restaurant with his wife, Johnna Colbry, and writes, “When in Wichita...”

Later in the day, Goldman posted a photo of his great-grandmother’s gravestone, which is at the Temple Emanuel Cemetery in Wichita.

And late Thursday night, he also posted a short video of a buffalo grazing at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in the Flint Hills.

Let me know if you spot the Goldman anywhere else, and let’s go ahead and add him to the list of celebrities Wichita can sort of claim.