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A weekend of Harrison Ford sightings in Wichita, including a sweet Super Bowl commercial

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Here are the best moments from the commercials that ran during Super Bowl LIII.
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Here are the best moments from the commercials that ran during Super Bowl LIII.

Film star Harrison Ford has been a bit more low key on his 2019 visit to Wichita.

The actor, who arrived in town on Thursday night, started his trip as he usually does with a meal at his go-to restaurant Sabor and a trip to the West Kellogg Best Buy, where, according to an employee, he stopped in to buy a phone charger.

Throughout the weekend, reports have rolled in about sightings elsewhere around town. But unlike in past visits, there haven’t been any photos.

On Friday morning, Ford was spotted having breakfast at the Harvest Kitchen/Bar, the restaurant in the downtown Hyatt.

Then on Saturday evening, there were reports of him dining at Chester’s Chophouse, another one of his regular stops.

Another Wichitan posted on Facebook that on Friday, she sat next to Ford at “the bar,” though she did not specify which one. In her post, she said that she told Ford that she and her son were huge “Star Wars” fans and asked if she could have a picture or an autograph. Ford asked if an autograph was okay, and her post also contained a photo of the autograph he signed for her son, which read, “For Garrett — All the Best, Harrison Ford.”

You have to wonder if Ford was somewhere in Wichita on Sunday watching along with the rest of us when he appeared in a pretty cute Super Bowl commercial for Amazon’s Alexa.

In the spot, one Amazon employee confides to another about a variety of unknown Alexa “fails,” including an Alexa-powered dog collar. Cut to Ford with a Boston Terrier who is barking its head off. Every time he barks, the Alexa collar says, “Ordering dog food.”

Ford, with a gruff Han Solo air, tells the dog, “You can bark all you want. I’m not paying for any more dog food.”

We’re still accepting news of Ford sightings, and we hear he will be in town until Tuesday. If you spot him, let me know by e-mailing dneil@wichitaeagle.com.

(FILE VIDEO -- FEBRUARY 3, 2017) Actor Harrison Ford ate breakfast at Doo-Dah Diner.

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