Dining With Denise Neil

A west Wichita Chinese restaurant closes after almost 20 years, will soon have new tenant

For almost two decades, Charng-An has been a reliable little Chinese restaurant on the edge of Wichita’s Westlink neighborhood.

But now, it appears, the restaurant is being replaced. Charng-An, which opened in 1999 at 9203 W. Central, is “permanently closed,” according to a sign posted on the front door. A new restaurant will be moving in, though, and it could be open as soon as next week.

Another sign posted on the door says that Pho Cao, featuring Vietnamese cuisine, will replace Charng-An and that it should be open by the second week of January.

Charng-An had a big menu that featured standard Chinese dishes as well as Vietnamese pho, a popular soup.

I’ll let you know what I find out about the new restaurant.