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The best Christmas gift you could give a Wichita foodie is on sale right now

The Anchor

Imagine a world where anytime you saw a restaurant headline from Dining with Denise on social media, you could click on it and it would take you right to the story — every time.

Wouldn’t that be delicious?

I know it can be frustrating for non-subscribers to see a story about a restaurant they’re interested in and not be able to get the content. But I have a solution, and for the next couple of weeks, it’s an unusually affordable solution.

The Eagle is running a sale for new or returning subscribers, who for a little while longer can get a digital-only subscription for $7.99 a month. (That’s 40 percent off the regular price, and about half what I pay for my Audible subscription.) Plus, the first month is only 99 cents.

It’s an all-access pass, too, so that means you can also see all of Matt Riedl’s entertainment coverage, all of Tim Potter’s Wichita’s crime followups, all of Taylor Eldridge’s Shockers coverage.

A digital subscription also would make a great Christmas gift for the Wichita foodie on your Christmas list. I’ll even send you a special Dining with Denise announcement card you can wrap up and put under the tree (though you’ll have to e-mail me separately and let me know you want one.)

Get to it. I have some pretty interesting stories coming up, and you won’t want to miss them. Just follow this link and you’ll be signed up in no time.