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This barbecue restaurant might be the safest place in Wichita on Wednesday

Delano Barbecue Company will be feeding law enforcement officials for free on Wednesday.
Delano Barbecue Company will be feeding law enforcement officials for free on Wednesday. The Wichita Eagle

Delano Barbecue Company may be the safest restaurant in Wichita on Wednesday.

That’s when the restaurant at 710 W. Douglas — which earlier this year was purchased by Dave and Robin Holt — is putting on its first “Q For the Blue” event. From 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., all law enforcement officers will can get any sandwich meal for free. The owners hope to make it a biannual event.

”You know how folks say that if you want to know the best places to eat in a new town, just look to see where all the police cars are parked?” said Lisa Sillaway, the restaurant’s marketing manager. “Well, that advice has served my family well on vacations. And the officers have been a good, solid and kind part of our regular lunch crowds since this place opened up in 2004.”

The restaurant’s catering manager, Ken Houpt, came up with the idea, although initially he planned to offer a discounted meal. Then, a few sponsors stepped up to make it free, including Grant and Janet Rine, Harris & Co Frame Shop owner Michael Harris, the Fraternal Order of Police and Cloud 9 Therapeutic Equine. Central Community Church Youth Pastor Ben Hayes is bringing a crew of volunteers to wait tables and fill drinks.

The next time they put on the event, Houpt said, they hope to expand the offer to all first responders as well.

The restaurant also will be open to regular customers during the event. The free meal is offered to any law enforcement officer, whether on duty or off.

”We are doing this as a way to say thank you to all our men and women in law enforcement,” he said.

(FILE VIDEO -- 2017) Not all Wichita barbecue restaurants serve burnt ends but the ones that do have developed a loyal following.

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