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A new brewery and tap room is planned for Wichita’s Douglas Design District

Slammed Brewing Co. is a venture being planned by Wichitans Kyle Nordick and Will Miller, who hope to have a tap room open in 2020.
Slammed Brewing Co. is a venture being planned by Wichitans Kyle Nordick and Will Miller, who hope to have a tap room open in 2020.

Another Wichita homebrewer says he is ready to open his own local brewery — and he already has a partner, a name, a logo and a desired location identified.

Kyle Nordick and his partner Will Miller say they hope to have their Slammed Brewing Co. up and running in late 2019 or early 2020. They’ve targeted the Douglas Design District, Nordick said, and are looking at a specific space for their future tap room, though Nordick said he doesn’t want to say where until it’s solid. He envisions the tap room having about 50 seats.

It will be a “small batch” brewery, Nordick said, and it will operate on a one-barrel system, producing about 200 barrels a year. The brewery will focus on sour beers and hoppy IPAs, though it’ll have other beers, too. He plans to have six to eight available at a time and will be open Fridays through Sundays.

Nordick, who works as a buyer for the City of Wichita, said he’s been home brewing for almost two years and decided he wanted to open a brewery. He met Miller, he said, when Miller was working at Central Standard Brewing. The two started talking about beer and decided to partner up. Nordick will brew the beer, and Miller will focus on marketing.

“The market for craft beer is just growing exponentially, and the Wichita scene is growing as well,” Nordick said. “There have been minor setbacks with some local places closing down, but I feel like right now is the time to jump in it.”

Nordick said the brewery is still in its “infancy.” He has written a business plan and is investigating pricing. He may launch some kind of crowd-funding campaign in the spring, he said.

In the meantime, he’s starting to circulate his beer. He and Miller have started going to festivals in Kansas City and have been pouring their beer at private events. They recently took their beer to an event at Wichita’s Sway Ballroom, he said. They also just worked on a collaboration brew with Sandhills Brewing in Hutchinson, which will start serving the beer in November.

He wants the brewery to have a local focus and plans to get his products — from the fruits used to make his beers to the reclaimed wood used to outfit his tap room — from local producers.

Beer fans who want to follow along with the brewery’s progress can check out its Facebook and Instagram accounts, and Nordick also promises to let me know when he settles on a space.

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