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Another retro arcade opening in Wichita, and this one will have beer and burgers, too

Wichita is getting another arcade, this one called 1985 Arcade Bar & Grill.
Wichita is getting another arcade, this one called 1985 Arcade Bar & Grill. The Wichita Eagle

Another 1980s-style video arcade is opening in Wichita, and this one will have a burger bar and grill attached.

Exactly how 1980s is it?

The name of the new business, set to open next month, is 1985 Arcade Bar & Grill. And the 1985 on the sign is written in an AC/DC-compatible font.

The business is taking over the space at 1021 W. Maple that Burn Out Bar & Grill vacated in November 2016. It will be owned by Scott Stickney, the onetime owner of the nearby and now-closed Copper Cue and a longtime employee of United Distributors Inc., a Wichita business that deals in coin-operated games, parts and supplies.

Stickney, who has become an expert over the past 30 years at repairing video games, has long dreamed of owning his own arcade, and he noticed they were making a comeback. The Arcade, a venue that Derek Sorrells and Michael Jensen opened in Old Town last fall, is a good example, he said..

"I've seen them popping up around, and I've had the idea for a long time," Stickney said.

His business will have about 14 pinball machines and another 25 arcade games. His pinball game collection includes "Addams Family," "Star Trek: Next Generation," "Fish Tales" and his favorite, "Back to the Future."

His video game offerings will include NBA Jam, Galaga and Ms. PAC-MAN, and they'll all cost a quarter to play.

And his games are all originals, not modern-day remakes, Stickney said.

"They don't make them like they used to."

When he first opens, likely within 30 days, he'll welcome customers from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and may add earlier hours if there's demand.

How did he choose the name for his new business?

"My favorite movie of all time is 'Back to the Future,'" he said. "We've got to get Marty back to 1985."

Stickney said he'll have a food menu — mostly burgers and fries — and he'll also serve local beer and cocktails. The arcade will be a 21-plus venue.

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