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Wichita's only Hooters closed on Sunday, but waitresses could land at Twin Peaks

Wichita’s only Hooter’s restaurant closed this year.
Wichita’s only Hooter’s restaurant closed this year. The Wichita Eagle

Customers crowded into Wichita's only Hooters restaurant for one last taste on Sunday as news began circulating that the restaurant at 3151 N. Rock Road would close at the end of business after the chain was unable to renegotiate the lease on the building.

Assistant manager Amanda DeDamos, who was busy seating customers and ringing up T-shirts and other merchandise she was trying to move out the door, said staff and management only found out about the closing on Friday.

They knew that the lease on the building was an issue but thought it was being resolved, she said. But on Friday, they learned that the restaurant had only two days left.

"I just feel bad for my girls and my cooks," she said.

She added that managers from rival breast-aurant Twin Peaks had been in Hooters on Sunday trying to recruit waitresses in need of jobs.

Customer Melena Reed and her husband, Derick, decided to have dinner at the restaurant on Sunday once they heard it was closing. Derick said he had grown up going there with his dad and had good memories.

"It's terrible that they didn't tell their employees earlier," Melena said. "Our waitress had a look of panic in her eyes. She didn't know how she was going to pay her rent."

Hooters is open until 11 p.m. tonight.

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