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Taco Tico renaissance continues in Wichita as another one reopens in a former spot

West Street got its Taco Tico back on Friday.
West Street got its Taco Tico back on Friday. Courtesy photo

Wichita's Taco Tico population increased again over the weekend as another one opened in an old spot.

On Friday, Greg White opened a Taco Tico at 460 N. West St. in a building that had been a Taco Tico in a previous life.

White, who also reopened the Taco Tico at 13th and Tyler in 2014, wasn't planning to get the restaurant open for another week. But on Friday, something unusual in the restaurant-opening business happened: Inspectors showed up early and finished their work, and the restaurant was cleared to open.

"We kind of snuck open Friday," he said. "We'd been waiting on inspectors, and finally our last inspector showed up, and I said, 'Hey, let's get this place open.'"

The new Taco Tico will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

It serves the same taco burgers, tacos and enchiladas as the other locations, he said, but the interior is newer. White said he had to get all new furniture, replace counters and rebuild the restrooms.

The space had been a Taco Tico until 2013, when the state seized it from former owner Ajax International Group for nonpayment of taxes. It then became one of many sad Taco Tico buildings sitting vacant around town. It reopened briefly as Angkor Donuts in 2015 but sat vacant for another year before White decided to return it to its Taco Tico roots.

White said he'd like to open a few more Taco Ticos around town, but for now, he's going to focus on West Street.

"I'm just trying to plan the right place — something we like and can afford and that works for everybody. I'd like to get at least one more out east, one more farther South and maybe even one northeast."

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