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The best beer bar in Kansas is owned by a woman in Wichita, national website says

The Anchor is the best beer bar in Kansas. But we already knew that.
The Anchor is the best beer bar in Kansas. But we already knew that. craftbeer.com

If you’re a beer drinker, you’re even more lucky than you already thought you were to be living in Wichita.

According to the national website Craftbeer.com, the Brewers Association’s website, The Anchor at 1109 E. Douglas is the best beer bar in Kansas.

The site recently published a list of the best beer bar in each state, a list it formulated after asking readers for nominations starting in November. The site received nearly 8,000 nominations, and the bar with the most nominations from each state won.

“Not an overly scientific formula, I admit,” said Andy Sparhawk, the site’s craft beer program web manager. “But it has allowed us to discover and feature some amazing beer-centric bars, restaurants and tap rooms.”

The Anchor, which Schane Gross opened 14 years ago, was notable for its ownership and ambience, the site said.

“The Anchor is a woman-owned craft beer-centric neighborhood bar that has evolved with Wichita’s burgeoning downtown district,” reads the entry on the site. “The Anchor’s brick building and tin ceiling remind customers of Wichita’s past, lending a nostalgic ambience. Local pride is on display with its own butcher shop attached — Douglas Avenue Chop Shop — which allows the bar to take control over its meat and cheeses.”

The site also notes that The Anchor, home of the annual Strong Ale Fest, has 175 bottles and cans and 58 beers on draft.

In case you’re in the mood for a beer road trip anytime soon, here are a few of the winners from nearby states:

▪ Missouri: Bier Station, 120 E. Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, Mo.

▪ Nebraska: The Happy Raven, 122 N. 11th, Lincoln, Neb.

▪ Oklahoma: Oak & Ore, Oklahoma City, 1732 NW 16th St., Oklahoma City

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