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Instead of fasting, group is marking Brownback’s last day with virtual pizza party

You could fast and pray to mark Gov. Sam Brownback’s last day in office, as he requested on Monday.

Or, you could go another direction.

A Facebook event page making the rounds on Tuesday mockingly invites people to instead bid farewell to Brownback, whose last full day in office is today, with a virtual “Statewide Bye Brownback Pizza and Beer Party.”

“Everyone take pictures and post them on this event page, and we'll have a good old time,” instructs the page, which was set up as an “event” and has 1,269 people marked as “going,” another 1,805 marked as “interested.”

Brownback, who is resigning to become the U.S. ambassador-at-large for international freedom, will resign effective 3 p.m. on Wednesday. His office designated today, which is his last full day in office, a “Day of Prayer and Fasting.”

So far, people from Kansas City, Manhattan, Lawrence, Leavenworth and Wichita have posted pictures of their beer and pizza lunches on the pizza party page. The page even has posts from Colorado, Oregon, Texas and California.

One Wichita man posted a picture of his lunch from Ziggy’s. Local brewery Hopping Gnome shared the event and invited Wichita to come enjoy $1 off beers on Tuesday night – and reminded them that they also could eat pizza from Piatto Neopaloitan Pizza next door.

The pizza party also is getting attention across the country. A story about it appeared on the The New York Times website on Monday, and Fox News ran a story about it, too.

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