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‘Do not get BBQ in Wichita’ and other advice Twitter gave to visiting ESPN reporter

Barbecue in Wichita yes or barbecue in Wichita no? Twitter weighs in.
Barbecue in Wichita yes or barbecue in Wichita no? Twitter weighs in.

An ESPN college basketball reporter who’s on his way to Wichita – presumably to cover Thursday’s Wichita State game vs. University of Central Florida at Koch Arena – on Tuesday did what any smart and hungry person traveling to an unfamiliar city does.

He took to Twitter and asked Wichita where he should eat.

“Wichita, Kansas ... I need a Places to Eat list. Can y’all help?” tweeted Myron Medcalf, a college basketball reporter for ESPN.com.

He got nearly 80 enthusiastic replies – some impassioned, some sarcastic and some downright head-scratching.

My second favorite came from Twitter user @Andrew Link, who insisted that Medcalf should not eat barbecue in Wichita. At all.

He was immediately contradicted by many other respondents, who listed Bite Me BBQ, Delano BBQ, Hog Wild and Pig In Pig Out as must-stop locations.

(My first favorite response came from @CountrySquire76, who posted a link to my “50 Dishes You Have to Try” guide and said, “Here you go.”)

Several respondents listed Doo-Dah Diner ( “Be still our hearts,” was the response from the diner’s Twitter account) and other establishments that got frequent mentions were Dempsey’s Burger Pub, Ziggy’s Pizzeria, The Anchor and Sumo.

Some unhelpful people listed chain restaurants where Medcalf could dine in any city he visited, from Pizza Hut to Popeye’s to Village Inn. One really unhelpful person suggested he go to Waffle House, which Wichita doesn’t even have.

On respondent suggested that Medcalf let Harrison Ford be his guide.

“I love Sabor. Harrison Ford has been seen there a couple times while getting his airplane serviced. If it’s good enough for him then I’d think it’s legit.”

Another was so enthusiastic about his recommendation, he got a little threatening.

“Sport Burger or we throw hands.”

It was fun to read through all the posts, and I wonder where Medcalf will end up dining. I chimed in this morning and asked him to post a full report.

And just to be helpful, Myron, attached to this post you can find the links to my guide of 50 Dishes You Have to Try in Wichita.

Also, Go Shox.

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