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Local business selling edible ‘Tide Pods,’ some customers more amused than others

While most of us are trying to figure out why the heck teenagers would even consider eating Tide Pods (a very bad idea, for the record) one local doughnut shop is trying to find the humor in the internet’s latest weird meme.

On Wednesday morning, Wichita’s two Hurts Donut stores introduced a new doughnut, decorated with frosting to look like the blue, white and orange laundry pods that have been making headlines this week.

Some customers are more amused than others.

“We’ve had a really good response so far,” said owner Trista Patterson, who was working on getting second batches onto the shelves after the first batches sold out at both her 7010 W. 21st St. and at 3750 N. Woodlawn stores. “We’ve only had a few people who think it’s not funny.”

A quick summary: Tide Pods, which are little bundles of laundry detergent meant for ease of clothes washing, are in the news this week because of the Tide Pod Challenge, the latest terrible idea on the internet. The challenge has gone viral and features young adults putting Tide pods in their mouths – even chewing them – and filming the results. Doctors have warned that the Tide Pod Challenge could sicken and even kill participants.

Hurts is attempting to find the humor in the absurd by making raised doughnuts decorated with white, blue and orange frosting to look like the pods, Patterson said.

But not all customers were laughing. On the shop’s Facebook page, comments ranged from “This is not funny at all” to “Finally, a Tide Pod you can eat.”

The doughnuts will be available on Wednesday and Thursday at both stores, Patterson said.

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