Dining With Denise Neil

Subzero temps claim restaurant victim: Ugly pipe burst closes west-side favorite

The parking lot was a skating rink, and the kitchen manager for Twelve Restaurant & Bar – who’d arrived early Tuesday morning to open up the restaurant at 12111 W Maple St. – noticed that it led right up to the front door.

When he walked in, the carpet was soggy with two inches of water, and part of the ceiling over the main dining room had collapsed. The culprit: A pipe in the ceiling that had frozen then burst overnight.

Twelve – obviously – will be closed for the day on Tuesday, said owner Bryce Kuhn, whose voice sounded shaky when he called.

The damage is bad but his insurance company was sending a restoration company right over, he said. He plans to repoen on Thursday.

“It’s just a little disappointing because we had a record year last year and all things pointed to more of the same this year,” he said. “Then to have this happen in the first month of the year...”

Kuhn said he had to cancel several caterings and banquets for the day and wanted his customers to know why he wouldn’t be open for lunch or dinner.

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