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Wichita diners will soon be treated to a new Hole in the Wall

Shamrock Lounge owner Dave Stough is known for his culinary prowess, even though his popular bar at 1724 W. Douglas hasn’t technically had a food menu.

But that’s all about to change

Stough, who is famous for his corned beef and cabbage that always draw big crowds over St. Patrick’s Day, will add food to his list of offerings at his popular bar after the first of the year when he debuts a concept his calling the “Hole in the Wall.”

It’s literally a hole in the wall, which he’s cut out from a wall in his indoor patio area. When it’s ready to go, it’ll be staffed with someone who will take sandwich and soup orders every day and dinner orders on the weekends.

For about three years now, Stough has been experimenting with adding food by offering “Big Dave’s Small Plates” – dinners like steak, sloppy Joes, tacos and barbecue – that were served on weekend nights.

“We got real good response on the Big Dave’s Small Plates, and everybody is always asking about food,” he said. “All the science in the business says you’ll keep your customers if you give them something to eat.”

The window will be open whenever the bar is open, and during the week, it’ll offer a menu of hot and cold sandwiches plus Dave’s famous soups and stews. On Fridays and Saturdays, it’ll also dispense Big Dave’s Small Plate dinners.

“People will be able to order food from the window,” Stough said. “They can step out there and grab something. It’s kind of like a food truck without wheels.”

Stough said he’d consider adding lunch hours if his new food menu is a hit, but he’ll have to wait to see how it goes.

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