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Molino’s owners close east-side restaurant, are focusing on a new venture

It was a tough decision, they said, but Molino’s Mexican Cusine owners Mario Quiroz and wife Mara Garza have closed their restaurant at 7817 E. 37th St. North that they opened in July 2015.

The last day in business was Sunday. The original Molino’s at 1064 N. Waco will remain open.

“It’s a learning experience – just learning to let it go,” Qurioz said. “The most important thing is to just move forward.”

The east-side restaurant, which sat near the corner of 37th and Rock Road, just wasn’t attracting the business it needed to survive, Quiroz said. It would have spurts where it was busy and crowded, but that wasn’t consistent.

When Quiroz was presented with the opportunity to pursue a new venture – which he’s not quite ready to talk about yet – he decided it was time to focus his energy and finances on that. He should be ready to announce more details on the business early next year, he said.

Meanwhile, Quiroz said, business at his original Molino’s at 1064 N. Waco is still as strong as ever. Next month, he’ll launch some new seasonal items he’s excited about, including huevos motulenos, an authentic Yucatan dish made with eggs on tortillas with black beans, cheese, ham and more.

Quiroz opened his Molino’s at Ninth and Waco in April 2013 selling the piratas, street tacos and contemporary Mexican dishes he’d become known for when he owned Frida’s. That restaurant, which had operated near 21st and Amidon, had closed in 2010 after lengthy road construction outside affected business.

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