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Is Chef Gordon Ramsay in Wichita to film a restaurant reality show?

People who identified themselves as “scouts” for a reality show hung around outside Fetch Bistro in Wichita on Thursday morning.
People who identified themselves as “scouts” for a reality show hung around outside Fetch Bistro in Wichita on Thursday morning. The Wichita Eagle

Something is going on at Fetch Bistro.

But no one is saying exactly what.

Rumors have been swirling at the corner of Rock Road and 37th Street that Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant renovation show planned for Fox, titled “24 Hours to Hell and Back,” may be planning to film an episode at the restaurant. A tipster said that his crew was in town on Wednesday night.

The new show for Fox Television will feature Ramsay, star of reality show “Hell’s Kitchen,” trying to bring failing restaurants back from the brink of disaster within 24 hours.

Fetch Bistro, a cafe at 7718 E, 37th St. N. that’s welcoming to dogs and dog lovers, opened a year ago, but about four months ago, co-owner Pamela Buss launched a Go Fund Me page asking people to donate money toward the restaurant, which the page said was suffering financially due to equipment failure and unexpected expenses. So far, $200 of the $10,000 goal has been raised.

I called and messaged Fetch Bistro owner Greg Buss, but I haven’t heard back from him. We went to check things out on Thursday morning and encountered two people outside of Fetch who identified themselves as “scouts” for a “renovation show.” They said if we wanted more information, we should call Natalie, and they gave us a number.

We left a message for Natalie, who also has not called back. But on her voice mail, Natalie identifies herself as Natalie Gecht, and Natalie Gecht’s LinkedIn profile says she is a Chicago-based “producer and ‘fixer’ with a reputation for creating compelling content...” Her resume says that since July, she’s been a co-executive producer with All3Media (the company that is co-producing Ramsay’s new show) and that she “developed and wrote a first-season restaurant renovation series featuring high profile talent Gordon Ramsay.’”


Fetch was open for business on Thursday afternoon, and nothing major seemed to be happening, short of several cars with out-of-state plates parked in front of the restaurant and a group of people huddled at a back table, not eating but talking quietly and looking at computers.

It could all be a lot of coincidence, but if anyone sees Gordon Ramsay hanging around Wichita – the famous chef, not the Wichita police chief – let us know.

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