Dining With Denise Neil

What restaurant is under construction at Maple and Ridge?

If you’ve visited the Target at Maple and Ridge, you may have noticed that a construction site has popped up on a grassy area directly north of the building.

If you’re hoping it’s going to be a restaurant, you’ll be a happy person come late January.

That’s when a new DQ Grill & Chill should be operating there, said Jeff Pinney, who’s opening the restaurant at 7575 W. Maple with his wife, Jana.

The restaurant, which will have a drive-through, was iffy for a while. The site wasn’t zoned for a drive-through, and nearby neighbors opposed it at a planning commission hearing earlier this year. But the drive-through plan was eventually approved, and construction was able to begin.

The Pinneys also have the DQ at the corner of 37th and Maize Road, which they opened in 2015.

Jeff Pinney said he’s heard from several people on the west side who are happy they’ll soon have a nearby source of Blizzards and Dilly Bars.

“A lot of people on the west side said they would drive all the way to Maize Road just to eat there,” he said.

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