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An indoor, winter version of Old Town Farmers’ Market is opening

Farmers market season in Wichita ended earlier this month.

But the Old Town Farmers’ Market will never end. Its new manager has found it a spot for the winter, and it will officially reopen on Sunday.

The market, which traditionally runs April through October in the Old Town Farm and Art Plaza, will open a new indoor winter market at Distillery 244, a 7,000-square-foot venue at 244 N. Mosley in Old Town. The market will happen from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. most Sundays from November until mid-April, when it moves back outdoors.

The winter market, just like the summer market, will feature farmers selling their produce, but they’ll be cool-season crops like spinach, lettuce, radishes, microgreens, turnips, kohlrabi, beets, broccoli and cauliflower.

Vendors also will be selling baked goods as well as meats like beef, pork, chicken and turkey. Craft vendors will be set up, and many will be selling items ideal for gift-giving season.

Shoppers also will be able to get breakfast and brunch and sip on cocktails like Bloody Marys and mimosa from Wheat State Distilling while they shop.

In August 2016, Luke and Amy Snow of FarmShop LLC took over management of the market from Pat Randleas, who had run it since 2004. Snow said that over the summer he heard from several farmers and vendors that they’d like to work all year.

“We quickly realized a lot of these producers were looking for year-round options to continue selling,” Snow said. “We started to get feedback from our customer base as well and realized there was a need for it.”

The only Sundays the market will close are about five around holidays, Snow said. People can check the shop’s social media pages and website.

The building has lots of parking around it, Snow said, and he hopes people will start their Sundays shopping for veggies, eating brunch and enjoying a cocktail at the market.

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