Dining With Denise Neil

One of Wichita’s Carlos O’ Kelly’s restaurants has closed

The Carlos O’ Kelly’s restaurant by Towne East Square closed at the end of business on Sunday.

But Jon Rolph, president of Sasnak Management, has a plan.

He’s going to combine the just-closed Carlos O’ Kelly’s restaurant and the one at 29th and Rock into one fancy, big new restaurant using the chain’s new prototype, which features a modern look plus high ceilings and an open kitchen.

His Sasnak Management, which also has Wichita’s Homegrown restaurants, hasn’t chosen a spot for this new restaurant, but the 29th and Rock restaurant will stay open until it's finished.

The Towne East Square Carlos O’ Kelly’s first opened in 1987 in a different spot near the mall then moved to its current location in 2002. Employees there were offered jobs at other restaurants in the chain.

I’m sad to see that spot go for a couple of reasons. One: I worked as a server at the Red Stocking Breakfast, a charity fundraiser, for many years, and it always happened there. I’ll always associate that restaurant with images of Wichita’s mayors, police chiefs and media celebrities in Santa hats scooping up spicy eggs.

Also, I still remember when restaurants on the north side of Towne East were all the rage. (Remember Joe Kelly’s and Gambucci’s?) Looks like we’ll have to stick with all the steak and burger places on the mall’s north side.

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