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Oh deer: Fast-food chain adding venison sandwiches to menu in Wichita

They have the meats, indeed.

In about a week, fast-food chain Arby’s will return venison sandwiches to the menus of its restaurants across the country. Venison, for those who aren’t hip to hunter lingo, is deer, and although it’s a common delicacy in Kansas, it rarely makes it on restaurant menus – much less fast-food restaurant menus.

Still, the Arby’s venison sandwich apparently has a fan base as devoted as those who crave McDonald’s occasional McRib sandwich. And they’re celebrating the sandwich’s return, just in time for hunting season.

The sandwich, which will be available for a limited time starting on Oct. 21, features thick-cut deer meat that’s been marinated in garlic and topped with a juniper-infused Cabernet steak sauce. Crispy onions crown the creation. Apparently, finding enough venison to make the special happen provided Arby's with a special challenge.

I’m not a fan of game meat (too gamey), but if you are, you might want to plan a road trip to Colorado, Wyoming or Montana.

Their Arby’s are also serving elk steak sandwiches, topped with blackberry port steak sauce.

The Wichita area has 11 Arby’s restaurants.

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