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Second location of popular Wichita coffee shop is opening downtown

Downtown Wichita is about to get another Reverie Coffee Roasters.

Owner Andrew Gough is planning to open another location of his popular shop, which originally opened at 2611 E. Douglas in 2013, at 250 Douglas Place, which is on the lower level of the Garvey Center at 250 W. Douglas. It should be open by early December, he said, and he’ll likely call it Reverie at Garvey.

Gough said that Garvey Center management approached him about the possibility of opening a coffee shop in a vacant space right next to Papa John’s. He’s in the middle of moving his shop a third of the mile to the west and opening an adjoining sister bakery, so Gough said he wasn’t looking to open another brick-and-mortar shop. But this deal sounded too good to pass up.

“We’ll have a captive audience, which is really important to us,” he said.

Larry Weber, who is vice president of the Garvey Center, said that a survey of the center’s employees and residents revealed that a coffee shop was at the top of their amenities wish list. The center’s five buildings have 640,000 square feet of space, 340,000 square feet of which is commercial offices. The center also has 181 apartments.

“Andrew presented at the Downtown Rotary several months ago, and I was very taken with his presentation,” Weber said. “His values and the way he does business is exactly what we try to do here at the Garvey Center. I thought it would be a great fit.”

The shop itself will occupy about 1,100 square feet, Weber said, but the center plans to expand seating out into the concourse area. Construction workers area already busy tearing out the old office, and soon, they’ll start knocking down walls and building a coffee bar that will have a walnut top. The shop will also tables and booth seating for about 30 to 40, Gough said.

The way the center is laid out, Gough said, many of the center’s residents and workers can get to the shop without going outside. But on nice days, they’ll be able to sit on the outdoor plaza, which has art and a tranquil duck pond.

The new Reverie also be open to the public, and Gough said he hopes to draw workers from other nearby offices and businesses.

Gough said that it’s likely his new shop at the Garvey Center will open less than a month before he’s ready to debut his new Reverie and Founders Bakery at 2202 E. Douglas.

His Garvey Center shop will likely be open from about 6 a.m. until 3 p.m. and will eventually add bakery and lunch items. It’ll have a streamlined version of the original cafe’s drink menu.

“I’m excited about our business expanding,” he said. “We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t something people wanted. Anytime someone says they want you to be a part of their culture and bring your culture to theirs, that’s one of the most gratifying things we can do.”

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