Dining With Denise Neil

Storms, power outages keeping some Wichita restaurants closed

Headed out for lunch? You might want to call your destination first. Several Wichita restaurants are without power and are reporting that they’re closed – some for the day, some at least through this afternoon.

A quick perusal of Facebook showed that The Hill Bar & Grill, Bocco Deli and Stroud’s all were closed because of power outages. Hank is Wiser Brewery in Cheney also is closed.

At Bocco Deli, 3010 E. Central, owners are closing for the whole day. No power means no refrigeration, and the staff members are focused on saving what product they can. Hank is Wiser is closed for the whole weekend. Stroud’s plans to reopen for dinner.

Know of any other restaurants that are closed because of last night’s storm? Let me know.