Dining With Denise Neil

Life Hacks, Eagle Edition: How to boogie AND squeeze all the sauce out

Welcome to a new occasional video series called “Life Hacks: Eagle Edition.”

Its aim is to share little tips that will make your life easier, and we start with a doozy. While preparing for a company potluck this morning, Wichita Eagle writer Matt Riedl was having a dickens of a time squeezing the last of the barbecue sauce out of a plastic bottle.

Writer Suzanne Perez Tobias sprung into action, demonstrating what looked like an Elvis-esque dance move. But that wild swirling motion actually forced all the sauce to the top of the bottle, and it flowed right out.

Check out our how-to video. And if you have any life hacks you think we should share, e-mail dneil@wichitaeagle.com.