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Rolled ice cream shop about to open on Wichita’s west side

Freezing Roll will open soon in a strip center on North Maize Road.
Freezing Roll will open soon in a strip center on North Maize Road. The Wichita Eagle

The rolled ice cream trend is on a roll in Wichita.

Just a few months after 8 Below Rolled Ice Cream opened to big crowds and long lines in the Union Station canopies, the west side of Wichita is about to get its own rolled ice cream shop.

It will be called Freezing Roll, and it will be in the strip center at 2110 N. Maize Road that also holds Nail Envy and Papa Murphy’s. Its owners hope to follow it up with several more locations, including at least one on the east side, in the coming months.

Rolled ice cream is a Thai invention where ice cream is flattened on to a pan that’s been frozen to a temperature of eight degrees below zero. It’s then scraped into egg roll-sized rolls that are arranged in a bowl and covered with toppings. Watching the treat being made is almost as fun as eating it.

Freezing Roll is owned by Liyong Chen and partner Irene Zhang, who’s part of the Great Wall family. Her uncle-in-law, Benny Liu, started the ubiquitous Chinese takeout chain, where Zhang worked.

Customers will be able to choose from 15 flavors of ice cream, including mocha, green tea and vanilla and they can also pick toppings like blueberries, strawberries, candy bars and pretzels.

“You’ll have a lot of choices,” Zhang said.

Freezing Roll should be open in about a month and a half, she said.

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