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Wichita man leaves aircraft job behind to sell pickles

It’s not a food truck, so much – though it is about to become a regular at food truck rallies and it will sell you a cup of pickles that you can walk around eating like chips.

It’s really more of a “traveling pickle store,” says Desiree Taylor, who just opened Kyle’s Mom’s Pickles with her husband, Kyle Taylor.

The pickle people made their big public debut a week ago at the Food Trucks at the Fountain event, where they sold not only jars of but also cups of their sweet-and-spicy product.

“We have a lot of people approach us and they are just like, ‘What is this? We haven’t seen anything like this,’” she said.

Kyle Taylor was a 19-year employee at Cessna and he would occasionally bring his mom’s famous sweet and spicy dill pickle chips to work to share with his colleagues. They would go crazy for them and would ask Kyle to bring more. They even started offering to pay for them.

Shirley Taylor, Kyle’s mom, helped when she could but eventually suggested he should take over. The pickles kept getting more popular, and Kyle decided to quit his job to focus on pickles full time.

Two months ago, he and Desiree bought a new food trailer from Oklahoma, and wrapped it in black and green featuring a logo Kyle had drawn of himself and Shirley. The new truck’s slogan, which Desiree challenges you to say six times fast: “The Pickle People Pick.”

The Taylors sell pickles either by the 32-ounce jar ($7.50) or by the cup ($3). The cup option will allow them to have a food truck presence, and Desiree said their sweet pickle chips will complement the burgers, hot dogs and barbecue that other vendors at the rally are selling.

For now, they sell only the sweet and spicy dills, but the Taylors say they might expand into other flavors or preparations in the future.

They plan to participate in as many rallies as possible but also have regular hours at two locations in town. On Tuesdays, they park from noon to 4 at the Kanza Bank at 21st and Greenwich. On Thursdays, they’re at Wild at Heart, 1820 N. Tyler Road, from noon to 4 p.m. (This week, however, they will be at Wild at Heart from noon to 3 p.m. on Wednesday instead.)

The Taylors say they’re old-fashioned, so they don’t plan to start a Facebook page for their pickle business. But fans who want to find them can visit their website, www.kylesmomspickles.com. People also can call 316-554-6627 and get a recorded message with location information.

So how does Kyle’s mom feel about Kyle’s Mom’s Pickles?

“She loves it,” said Desiree, adding that Shirley plans to work in the truck now and then. “She thinks it’s pretty funny that he actually decided to do this full time.”