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Wichita restaurant selling ‘pot brownies’ on 4/20

Get yourself a pot brownie on 4/20.
Get yourself a pot brownie on 4/20. Courtesy photo

It’s because they’re baked in little pots. What were you thinking?

On Thursday, also known as 4/20, Wichita’s Freebirds World Burrito’s restaurants at 410 N. Hillside and 2350 N. Greenwich are bringing back their once-popular dessert, the pot brownie. Don’t worry, though. The name is just a playful nod to the restaurant’s original theme, which was peace-loving, tie-died, 1970s hippie-dom.

For those not hip on marijuana jargon, 4:20 is a term cannabis fans use to refer to its consumption. There’s a long and complicated history about how this came to be, which you can educate yourself about here if you’re so inclined.

The brownies are round, chocolate chip studded and individually wrapped in packaging that reads, “Incredible, edible and perfectly legal: Take your taste buds on a trip.”

Please enjoy this description of the brownies, provided by Freebirds’ marketing team:

“Made with rich chocolate and packed with ample chocolate chips, Freebirds' dopest sweet treat is sure to solve any diner's case of the munchies.”

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