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Sinful rolls, lumpia among the themes of new Wichita food trucks

Traditional lumpia, stuffed with ground beef, veggies and spices, has a permanent spot on the Parsnipity Cafe menu.
Traditional lumpia, stuffed with ground beef, veggies and spices, has a permanent spot on the Parsnipity Cafe menu. Courtesy photo

It’s becoming springtime ritual in Wichita: The weather warms up, and the new food trucks start rolling out.

During the next few months, several new trucks will launch, serving everything from lumpia to sinful rolls.

Here’s a look at what’s coming:

▪ LumpiaPalooza: This food truck by local restaurant Parsnipity Cafe, which opened in September in the Epic Center, 301 N. Main, will focus on owner Cynthia Wilson’s specialty: lumpia. The cafe hopes to have a truck on the road by May.

Lumpia, a type of spring roll made by stuffing wrappers with filling then deep frying – is a Filipino specialty. Traditional lumpia is stuffed with ground beef, carrots, onions and celery and served with a side of sweet and sour sauce. But Wilson and her staff have become known for experimenting with offbeat fillings, from macaroni and cheese to banana and Nutella. Last fall, they put on an event called LumpiaPalooza where they sold 20 different varieties, and it was a hit. The success gave Wilson and her husband, Craig Bjork, the idea to start the truck.

They plan to send the truck out as often as possible, participating in local rallies and getting in the rotation at local food truck parks. The truck, already nicknamed “Lil’ Snipity,” and will serve both sweet and savory lumpia for $2 apiece.

▪ SinRolls: Lela Whitmore also plans to have her new food truck on the road by early May. She’s always wanted her own restaurant, she said, and figured a food truck would be a good way to ease in.

She’ll offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, she said. Breakfast will include breakfast sandwiches made on homemade unsweetened cinnamon rolls, hence the name “SinRolls.” Lunch and dinner will focus on light, eclectic dishes from different cultures.

Whitmore has purchased an old box truck off of Craigslist, and she plans to take it out five days a week. She’ll park in various places around town and also hopes to get in on the local pop up park schedules. She’ll update her daily location on her Facebook page once she gets rolling.

▪ Bread Sled Cafe: Longtime home cook Micah Cook works at Cessna, and he plans to keep working at Cessna. But in his free time, he’s starting a food truck that will focus on deli style sandwiches and whatever other culinary whims strike him.

Cook says the truck will hit the streets sometime this summer. He just purchased a 1964 bread delivery truck off of Craigslist and is in the process of renovating it.

“I’m completely restoring it from top to bottom,” he said. “It’s been 11 years since it last ran, so there’s a lot of work to be done.”

The truck inspired its own name, said Cook, who also is known for his homemade pickles and okra. Big trucks were commonly called “sleds” at one time, he said. And his truck once hauled bread.

Cook said he plans to take the truck to local food truck rallies whenever his work schedule allows it.

▪ Good Eat Street: Patrick Opat and girlfriend Wendy Winkley are making deliberate plans for their food truck, which they won’t have open until sometime next spring. They’re expanding their knowledge of the local food truck scene by working on scheduling the Night at the Fountains food truck rallies that already established truck Funky Monkey Muchies puts on. They’ve also taken over the administration of the Wichita Food Trucks coalition website.

“We’re really trying to network and get into the community,” Opat said.

The duo will focus on soups and sandwiches, he said, and they’re close to closing a deal on a trailer.

I’ll keep you updated on the opening dates for all the new trucks.