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You’re invited to the first Dining with Denise Supper Club

Molino’s at 37th and Rock Road will be the site of the first Dining with Denise Supper Club, scheduled for the evening of March 7.
Molino’s at 37th and Rock Road will be the site of the first Dining with Denise Supper Club, scheduled for the evening of March 7. Courtesy photo

Wichita is an eating-out kind of town.

I know, because I’ve been writing about eating out for 17 years, and even before that, trying out new restaurants, discovering little-known holes in the wall or spending hours over bowls of pasta and glasses of wine was my idea of fun.

There are a lot of us out there, and now, I’m introducing a way for us to get together and do what we do best: eat.

On March 7, I’m launching the Dining with Denise Supper Club. The first installment will be at Molino’s Mexican Cuisine at 37th and Rock Road.

My plan is to organize several dinners a year at local restaurants where Wichitans who love dining out can get together, meet each other, share dining tips and enjoy a meal and a few drinks together.

Mario Quiroz and Mara Garza, who own two Molino’s restaurants in town, have volunteered to host us first. Molino’s is one of my favorite local Mexican restaurants, and it’s unique because it doesn’t focus on the Tex-Mex dishes Wichita is so familiar with. Its street tacos are some of the best in town, and I love its elote, its chilaquiles, its piratas, its cauliflower ceviche – the list goes on and on.

The owners will set up their fancy new northeast location for us and will prepare a multicourse meal of dishes that aren’t on the menu but feature Mara’s central Mexican gourmet touch. She let me sample the menu a few weeks ago, and I can’t wait to have it again.

The main course will be a dish called pastel azteca en dos moles. It features baked and fried corn tortillas layered with chicken, cheese and corn then drowned in two rich mole sauces slow-simmered in the Molino’s kitchen. The dinner also will include a soup called crema de calabaza, made with zucchini, cream and a touch of heaven, as well as a Molino’s house salad. For dessert: a thick, Mexican chocolate drink called champurrado paired with miniature pan dulce specially made for the event by Juarez Bakery.

Each diner will also get a choice of two margaritas from Molino’s menu, and they serve several different flavors.

Tickets to the dinner are $60 a person and are available by calling Molino’s at 316-260-5600. You also can get tickets by stopping by either Molino’s restaurant: 1064 N. Waco or 7817 E. 37th St. North.

I’ve also included all the details in a Facebook event post on my Dining with Denise Facebook page.

I hope you’ll join me. And if you have any ideas about restaurants I might ask to host our next Dining with Denise Supper Club, let me know by e-mail at dneil@wichitaeagle.com.

Denise Neil: 316-268-6327, @deniseneil

Dining with Denise Supper Club

What: A new dinner series that will allow local restaurant fans to get together and explore new restaurants

When: The first is at 6:30 p.m. on March 7

Where: Molino’s Mexican Cuisine, 7817 E. 37th St. North

Dinner: It will include four courses of dishes not available on the menu and two margaritas of choice

Tickets: They’re $60 a person and are available by phone at 316-260-5600 or by visiting either Molino’s at 1064 N. Waco or 7817 E. 37th St. North. Reservation deadline is March 3.

Questions: E-mail Denise Neil at dneil@wichitaeagle.com or send her a message via Facebook at Dining with Denise