Dining With Denise Neil

People magazine picks up on Doo-Dah smile story


Doo-Dah Diner and its waiter with a new smile have made People magazine’s website.

On Wednesday, I was contacted by a reporter at People, who said the magazine wanted to feature the story of Brian Maixner, the waiter who earlier this week was given new teeth by a generous customer, Ponca City attorney Fred Boettcher. She wanted to know how to reach Brian.

“My editor and I recently came across your inspiring story about Brian Maixner and the generous donation he received from a customer,” wrote the reporter, Kelli Bender. “I would love to talk to Mr. Maixner about his transformation and his feelings about the gift. This is a touching act of kindness I think our readers would really enjoy.”

I gave her Brian’s contact information, and on Thursday, Bender’s story appeared on People.com. It retells the story and includes the before-and-after picture we ran in the Eagle.

Maixner has been in demand this week, said his boss, Doo-Dah owner Timirie Shibley. Customers have been coming in to check out his new look, and he’s been interviewed by nearly every media outlet in town.

“As if he wasn’t a happy camper already, he’s just over the top – and grateful,” she said. “He’s determined to pay it forward.”