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Wichita restaurant ready to open but missing some crucial items

Wichita’s newest Jimmy’s Egg will open on Monday.
Wichita’s newest Jimmy’s Egg will open on Monday.

The original plan was to have the new Jimmy’s Egg at 550 N. Webb Road open on Monday of this week.

But as anyone who’s ever opened a restaurant can attest, these things rarely go as planned.

Morrie Sheets, who is opening the restaurant with Wink Hartman Sr., said that unexpected delays have pushed the opening date back a week to this coming Monday, Jan. 16.

The problem, he said, was a mix up with a shipment of four pallets of plates, pans and cooking utensils. They were supposed to have arrived already but ended up in Salt Lake City.

“Long way to go for an omelet,” he said.

The new Jimmy’s Egg, the Wichita area’s sixth, will operate out of a 3,750-square-foot-space on the northeast corner of Central and Webb.

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