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Delano’s new dessert restaurant will open this week

Milkfloat, a new dessert restaurant in Delano, will open on Friday.
Milkfloat, a new dessert restaurant in Delano, will open on Friday.

Delano’s new dessert restaurant will open on Friday afternoon.

Milkfloat, which is owned by Cliff and Dee Ann Bragg, will open at 1 p.m. Friday in the spot at 535 W. Douglas that previously housed Material Girls.

“It’s been going very, very well,” said owner Cliff Bragg on Wednesday afternoon. “We’re just finishing up the final touches, the staff is trained and we will start moving stuff in to place after final inspections tomorrow.”

Milkfloat, which has its own pastry chef, will open with a menu that features several flavors of pie, including buttermilk, sweet potato and Dutch apple, as well as a chocolate pecan tart and several types of cake, including whole cakes. The chef also will be making cakes that are served in jars.

The chef also will put out house-made throwback desserts like homemade Twinkies, homemade Twix bars, caramel apples, lemon cream cheese bars and homemade Rice Krispies treats.

Milkfloat also will serve coffee drinks and house-made soft-serve ice cream. On Saturday, the restaurant will add breakfast items to the menu, including homemade pop tarts, cinnamon rolls and breakfast cakes.

Starting on Saturday, the business will be open for its regular hours: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Cliff Bragg didn’t want a photo of the restaurant taken yet, partly because he’s still working on finishing touches and partly because he wants it to be a surprise to customers, he said.

The restaurant will have 60 seats, he said, plus a custom bar and dramatic chandeliers.

“We’ve had people popping in. We’ve had huge excitement,” he said. “I’m getting phone calls constantly from people asking if we’re open yet and wanting to book events. It’s going to be a very exciting thing for our community.”