Dining With Denise Neil

Da Nang closed? This does not please me

A very reliable source I’ll just call Sigrid recently let me know that one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in town, Da Nang at 1556 N Broadway, had closed. In fact it closed about a month ago, and there’s a sign in the window indicating that something else will soon go into the space. (A neighboring tenant says it won’t be Vietnamese food, though.)

I love Vietnamese food, and Da Nang had some of Wichita’s best. I loved their banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), and their crab Rangoon was the best in town. I also had an affinity for an appetizer they served made with fried shrimp and bundles of fried sweet potato straws.

It was a bright, cheery little place, and the owners were so nice. It will be missed.