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Sixth annual Strong Ale Fest is Saturday at the Anchor

The sixth annual Strong Ale Fest is this weekend.
The sixth annual Strong Ale Fest is this weekend.

The sixth annual Strong Ale Fest, a celebration of craft beers with a higher-than-normal alcohol content, happens on Saturday at the Anchor, 1109 E. Douglas.

The event closes down the popular bar, owned by local beer aficionado Schane Gross, and offers attendees a chance to sample a collection of 8-percent-and-higher alcohol content beers. Some are as high as 15 to 17 percent.

This year, Gross will have 60 beers on tap and another 60 in bottles. Some of it is rare, expensive and hard to get. Some is readily available in local bars and liquor stores.

It lasts from 1 to 4 p.m., and tickets are $40 a person. They’re available at the door or online at strongalefest.com.

This year, Gross has made a few changes and additions to the festival.

She’ll have an outdoor beer garden in back, even thought the weather might not cooperate, and two food trucks also will be serving festival attendees. (The bar is too busy during Strong Ale Fest to open the kitchen.) The Flying Stove will be parked in front, and Hopperoni Express will be serving attendees in the beer garden.

People also will be able to find seating on both sides of the Anchor and in the adjoined Douglas Avenue Chop Shop, which Gross also owns.

Strong ale fans also should know that the beers left over after the festival will fill the Anchor’s taps until they’re gone.

For more information, visit the Strong Ale Fest website.