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Dave Grohl’s most colorful quotes from Foo Fighters show in Wichita

Foo Fighters rock Wichita

The Foo Fighters perform for several thousand fans at Wichita's Intrust Bank Arena on Monday night, Nov. 13, 2017. (Video courtesy of KSN)
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The Foo Fighters perform for several thousand fans at Wichita's Intrust Bank Arena on Monday night, Nov. 13, 2017. (Video courtesy of KSN)

From the start Monday night, Dave Grohl, the iconic frontman of the Foo Fighters, promised a show of length.

In fact, the first words he spoke from the stage were: “all right, (expletive)s, it’s going to be a long night.”

“We’re going to rock your (expletive)s for three (expletive) hours. Are you cool with that?”

The rock band returned to Intrust Bank Arena for the second time in two years on Monday night as part of its Concrete and Gold Tour.

It was a high-energy three hours of songs spanning the band’s more-than-two-decade career.

I had heard that Grohl was dealing with a sore throat or some sort of laryngitis in the cities immediately prior to Wichita on the tour, and at first the Foo Fighters’ set seemed to confirm that.

The band opened its set with three of its most popular songs – “Everlong,” “Learn to Fly” and “The Pretender,” an odd move, considering most bands play newer material to build up to those old classics the fans want to hear.

I wondered if the Foo Fighters had decided to stack their most popular songs at the beginning of the set to accommodate for some sort of illness Grohl had.

Well, then Grohl proceeded to scream-sing into the microphone for nearly three hours. No semblance of sickness was to be found.

Throughout it all, Grohl was his usual sly – and expletive-unafraid – self, having multiple memorable lines.

Here are some of his best lines from the show:

On the length of the Foo Fighters show

Fifteen minute into the band’s set: “I did not come here to (expletive) around tonight. I came here to play some rock and roll music. ... We could do this (expletive) all night long. You know that.”

Two hours into the band’s set: “You guys got one more in you? I’m just (expletive) with you. We’re not even close.”

On car seats and finding love

“We could do some (expletive) from the first record if you want, for you old-school minivan-driving (expletive)s. The first record’s for anyone who’s had to wrestle a car seat into a minivan. The second record’s for people that are still wrestling car seats into minivans, maybe it’s their second kid. The third record’s for those that are still trying to figure out whether they should be forward-facing or back-facing, because that’s a big decision to make. The fourth record, that’s a record where people have to decide if they’re actually going to have (expletive) kids or not. The fifth record, you’re still on, trying to figure that (expletive) (expletive) out. The sixth record, is already, like, obsolete. You’re already on some deep-web (expletive) that I don’t understand.”

Not knowing the words?

Grohl did a bit where he introduced each band member, who started to play a riff of a popular song, which Grohl claimed to not know.

After playing the first few measures of “You’re the One That I Want,” from Grease: “All right, stop. We don’t really know that one. But we’ll learn it for next time if you want to hear it. We’ve gotta practice that (expletive).”

After keyboardist Rami Jaffee began playing Van Halen’s “Jump”: “I don’t know the words ... all right, stop there. That’s too (expletive) hard, man. I hate that (expletive).”

Jaffee then began playing the opening riff again. Grohl: “Dude, (expletive) shut up with the ‘Jump.’ (Expletive) it.”

Drumming again

Grohl switched places with drummer Taylor Hawkins, who sang a cover of Queen’s “Under Pressure” with Luke Spiller, lead singer of opening band The Struts.

Afteward, out of breath: “Whoops, oh (expletive). That’s tiring. Well, I won’t do that anymore.”

A birthday present

Grohl, after spotting a fan in the front row with a sign indicating it was his birthday: “How old are you? 49? I like that (expletive). You’re (expletive) two months ahead of me right there, (expletive). I like that, and you’re still down in the front row? I like you! I like this man! See? Big, furry (expletive), look at you! We’re going to have to give you something special tonight. It’s not the birthday song, either. It’s not even the 50 Cent song, either.”

After hearing fans jokingly protest him not playing 50 Cent’s “In da Club”: “This is my show, and don’t you forget that, either. It’s your birthday, but this is my (expletive) show. It’s kind of turning into your show right now, though, to be honest.”

Foo Fighters setlist


“Monkey Wrench”

“Learn to Fly”

“The Pretender”

“The Sky Is a Neighborhood”


“Sunday Rain”

“My Hero”

“These Days”


“Under My Wheels” (Alice Cooper cover)

“Under Pressure” (Queen cover)

“All My Life”


“Times Like These”


“Breakdown” (Tom Petty cover)

“This Is a Call”



“Dirty Water”

“Let There Be Rock” (AC/DC cover)

“Best of You”