Share the Season: Husband with heart problem gets help with utilities bills

Share the Season is an annual campaign that offers one-time aid to people affected by unforeseen hardships. The people are not identified to protect their privacy.

A heart condition has prevented this husband in a family of five from being able to work the past three years.

Matters have been made worse financially because the pre-existing condition has meant he hasn’t been able to afford health insurance through his wife’s job.

And with three heart surgeries in three years, including one in October, the bills have piled up.

But Share the Season was able to pay some utilities bills.

“That helped a lot,” the 33-year-old husband said. “It gives us a little breathing room.”

The couple has three children – ages 15, 10 and 6 – living at home.

The medical bills total between $40,000 and $50,000.

“My health has caused a lot of issues over the past year,” he wrote in his application to Share the Season.

He said he had to pay in advance for a surgical procedure done in April.

“I have applied for disability,” he said, “and have been fighting with them for well over two years.”

Share the Season is a joint project of The Eagle, the Wichita Community Foundation and the Salvation Army.

So far this season, it has raised more than $189,956.

Send contributions to Share the Season at the Wichita Community Foundation, 301 N. Main, Suite 100, Wichita, KS 67202.

To donate online, go to

Donors will be listed in The Eagle; please note if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Among recent donors: Lee and Colleen Acklin; Steven and Cindy Angle; Ted and Marcia Ayres, in honor of Cathy and Randy Ellsworth; Ted and Marcia Ayres, in honor of Ron and Linda Matson, Don and Elizabeth King, Linda Doll and coach Gene Stephenson.

Baughman Co., P.A.; Diane Coplen; David and Rebecca Deckard; Curtis and Kathleen Demuth; Carol Dooley, in memory of Irene Hilbrink; Elvera Ewald; Jeaninne Ewertz; DeeAnne Fahnestock, in memory of George Fahnestock; Chris Greiving, in memory of Kim Verble, Shelly Baker and Daniel Flores; Hyacinth Street Neighbors; Gary and Tammie Johnson; Richard and Roseanna Jones.

Mary Koehler, in memory of Harold Koehler; Mark and Suzanne Laycock; Rilla Lemon, in memory of Jon D. Lemon; John Louden; Janet Miller; William and Mary Lynn Oliver; Jason and Rachel Purdy; Edna Richardson, in memory of Larry A. Richardson; Rick Robinson; Glenn Scifres; R. Charmaine Shonk.

Greg and Linda Weible; Douglas and Sheryl Wohlford; anonymous, in honor of Mattie L. Hill and Bessie M. Strickler; anonymous, in honor of the staff at the 21st and Amidon Starbucks; anonymous, in memory of Miriam Macera; and 11 other anonymous donors.