In search of Wichita houses, businesses with amazing holiday lights

Last Christmas, The Wichita Eagle performed a major holiday public service.

We compiled two separate lists of specific driving routes Wichitans could follow to see some of the city’s best, most famous Christmas light displays. People loved it, and they used it.

We’re hoping to repeat the service this year. We want to revisit and beef up the routes we published last year, and we’d like to devise some new routes, possibly one that goes through north Wichita and one that goes through south Wichita.

Your help is needed.

If you know of a house in the Wichita area that is so wonderfully decorated that it must be seen, let us know. Send us the addresses for and descriptions of twinkling, dancing, show-stopping lights you find on houses and businesses in Wichita.

Just e-mail or call 316-268-6327. We hope to have our routes ready to share in a few weeks.

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