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Intrust Bank Arena teases concert announcement. Who could it be?

Intrust Bank Arena is going to announce a major concert Wednesday, the venue teased on social media late Tuesday.

The question is: Who?

Social-media sleuths are predicting it might be the return of popular alt-rock band Twenty One Pilots.

The arena would neither confirm nor deny those rumors late Tuesday.

Twenty One Pilots would certainly be well-received on a return to Intrust Bank Arena — the duo sold out the place when their Emotional Roadshow tour stopped here in February 2017.

However, the band has already announced its Bandito Tour, which takes it through the United States and overseas through late summer. The closest that tour stops is in Oklahoma City.

The band posted a cryptic video to social media on Tuesday hinting the release of something on Wednesday, though that something could very well be the release of a new music video. It doesn’t help clarify things that Wichita radio stations Alt 107.3-FM and Channel 96.3 both referenced the Twenty One Pilots announcement Tuesday afternoon.

In comments on Intrust Bank Arena’s post, fans tried to guess who the mystery act might be — guesses ranged from Maroon 5 to Elton John to, amusingly, Air Supply.

The arena typically doesn’t tease concert announcements in advance unless it’s a fairly major show, so we’ll see what happens.

Christine Pileckas, director of marketing for the arena, said to “stay tuned tomorrow for the concert announcement.”

(FILE VIDEO - JULY 14, 2017) Neil Diamond opened his concert in Wichita on Saturday night with “Cherry, Cherry.“ 10,500 fans came out to Intrust Bank Arena to see Diamond on his 50th anniversary tour.

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