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Get to know the three Wichita homes featured on ‘House Hunters’

Wichita made its HGTV debut on Thursday night, as three local houses were featured on “House Hunters” for the first time in the show’s 19-year history.

When the cameras weren’t focused on wacky couple Alex Novotny and Christopher Roberson, they captured some cold-looking downtown scenery along the Arkansas River, as well as a bridge in Sedgwick County Park.

Even Commerce Street briefly made an appearance as a hip spot for Roberson to eat tacos.

The show was filmed in late February and early March of this year.

Shout out to Novotny, who described Wichita as having “that small town feel, but there’s still a lot to do.”

He mentioned all the breweries, shopping opportunities, “you can ride bikes and even kayak — I’ve had a great time here,” he told the cameras, which laughably cut to nearly empty scenes in Old Town and by the Keeper of the Plains.

Their maximum budget was $250,000.

The show featured three local houses, with the couple eventually settling on a white-brick ranch home near the center of the city.

But where, exactly, were these homes?

With the help of Zillow — and coworkers who happen to live nearby — we’ve pieced together the information:

  • The first home toured is at 2231 N. McLean Boulevard, in Benjamin Hills Estates.

The two liked the home and its spacious backyard, generally, but found it too far from downtown Wichita — and too far away from the Mexican restaurants Roberson likes to eat at.

According to Zillow, that home would later sell on April 30 for $195,000.

  • The second home toured, and the one they actually chose, is at 105 S. Edgemoor, on the southwest corner of Douglas and Edgemoor.

Exterior shots of the home showed what was clearly that intersection.

The two liked the backyard and the finished basement in the house, as well as its bathtub — which Roberson insisted he must eat breakfast in every day.

They bought the home for $162,000.

By the time the Eagle photographed them in the backyard this summer, the fence had been re-done, as well as many of the interior details.

The two did not live in the home long, according to Sedgwick County property records.

The house was re-sold by late September for more than $216,000, according to county records.

Novotny, in a Facebook post, said their move was because of a job change for Roberson.

  • The final home toured is at 309 N. Quentin, in College Hill.

The two liked the curb appeal of the home, but disliked the dated kitchen, unfinished basement, small yard and bathrooms.

The “House Hunters” narrator introduced this house saying, “Since modern is hard to come by in the Wichita area, their agent is hoping this house will wow these Texas transplants.”

The house would later sell this spring for around $163,000.

The episode will likely soon be available to stream at — in the meantime, there are a few bootleg recordings on YouTube available for viewing.

It’s unclear when it will re-air on television.

Matt Riedl covers arts and entertainment news for the Wichita Eagle and has done so since 2015. He maintains the Keeper of the Plans blog on Facebook, dedicated to keeping Wichitans abreast of all things fun.