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Wichita’s ‘House Hunters’ episode airs tonight

The first episode of “House Hunters” filmed in Wichita will air Thursday evening on HGTV.

The episode, called “High Flying in Wichita,” features Wichita transplants Alex Novotny and Christopher Roberson’s search for an ICT home.

It premieres on HGTV at 9 p.m. Thursday, before repeating three hours later at midnight Friday.

It was filmed in late February and early March of this year.

Here’s the synopsis of the episode, according to HGTV:

“Two acrobat enthusiasts bring their high-flying antics to their house hunt in Kansas. While they both want a big yard to set up their circus ring, one wants a modern house with a media room and the other is more focused on proximity to Mexican restaurants.”

It’s episode 3 of season 154 — the show has been on air for 19 years and never featured Wichita until now.

Novotny and Roberson talked to the Eagle in June about their experience filming the episode.

Both are aerial burlesque performers who previously lived in Texas. “House Hunters” was interested in filming an episode with them when they lived in Texas, but then Novotny got a job as a software developer at Koch Industries.

So the house hunt moved to Wichita.

The two saw about 50 homes in the Wichita area before settling on the one highlighted in the show.

Their budget was $250,000.

The HGTV film crew was “definitely shocked” at how cheap homes are in Wichita compared to other filming locations, Roberson said in June.

“For your money you can get a really quality home with good square footage, fairly updated,” Roberson said.

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