Keeper of the Plans

Film trailer, camera crews spotted at Wichita restaurant

Camera crews were spotted at Wichita’s Fetch Bistro on Monday, though no one is saying what they are filming.

People dressed in all-black garb and equipped with walkie-talkies directed people – and dogs – around the restaurant near 37th and Rock all morning.

Behind the restaurant, a large, black production trailer is parked, with a bevy of camera equipment set up around the area. A group of about 10 people gathered with their dogs around the trailer, next to a large camera crane and various portable light setups.

A member of the crew, presumably, met people as they came to the restaurant and either directed them to the appropriate location or – in one case – turned a couple and their dog away.

Vans from Culinary Catering set up behind the restaurant – most other cars that drove in had out-of-state license plates.

By mid-afternoon, a stylized sign reading, “Hell on Wheels,” was affixed to the side of the trailer.

Earlier this month, rumors circulated that the crews were part of a new reality show starring Chef Gordon Ramsay, “24 Hours to Hell and Back,” set to premiere on Fox in 2018.

A news release announcing Ramsay’s show indicated “Hell on Wheels” is Ramsay’s 70-foot-long semi-truck that unfolds into a complete mobile kitchen, where he will “reinvent the menu.”

The show will feature Ramsay, known for starring in Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” trying to bring failing restaurants back from the brink of disaster within 24 hours.

Over the weekend, scouts from a TV show approached Wichitans at a local dog park, asking if they’d be interested in a free meal in exchange for being an extra in the TV show. (Full disclosure: Eagle reporter Nichole Manna was one of those approached about appearing on the show.) The producer would not identify what show, specifically, was being filmed and what the footage would be used for, saying that information was confidential.

Fetch Bistro is a cafe at 7718 E. 37th St. North that allows people to eat with their dogs and serves meals catered to canines. It opened a year ago, but about four months ago, co-owner Pamela Buss launched a GoFundMe page asking people to donate money toward the restaurant, which the page said was suffering financially due to equipment failure and unexpected expenses. So far, $200 of the $10,000 goal has been raised.

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