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Wichita flag is really popular – now Haysville wants in on the action

Watch as an artist creates a dramatic new sign at The Pumphouse

Wichita artist Johnny Freedom gives an Old Town bar a very "Wichita" look.
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Wichita artist Johnny Freedom gives an Old Town bar a very "Wichita" look.

Wichita is rife with easily recognizable symbols, perhaps none more so than the Wichita flag.

The flag, designed in 1937 by Cecil McAlister, has become a popular item in Wichita – as many have started associating with the city.

But Haysville?

“We used to be known as the peach capital of Kansas, and now all the peach orchards are gone,” said Ginger Cullen, community relations coordinator for the city of Haysville. “We have kind of made it a point to figure out what we’re going to be known for.”

That’s why Haysville is sponsoring a contest to design an official city flag for the town, one that embodies the “Spirit of Haysville.” The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. Friday.

All submissions must include the city’s “Flying H” logo, and must be entirely original.

Cullen said the flag will help “define what Haysville is ... in the same kind of regard that the City of Wichita uses theirs.”

“We’ve seen how that’s just taken off and it’s so cool to drive through Wichita and see these businesses and homes and storefronts that have the flag,” Cullen said. “We figure Haysville’s got a lot of people that really love our city and are proud of our city as well.”

The winning design will become the sole property of the city of Haysville, and the designer relinquishes all rights to it – in exchange for a prize valued at no less than $200. That prize includes a Haysville flag, a “swag bag,” gift certificates to Haysville restaurants, a one-year single membership to the Haysville Activity Center and a customized street sign courtesy of Haysville’s Public Works Department.

According to the terms of the contest, the city reserves the right “to alter the winning image to better fit the needs of the City,” and it may not select a winner if “no suitable design is received.”

Submissions must be sent in PDF, PNG or JPEG form to, or mailed/hand-delivered to the Haysville Activity Center, 523 Sarah Lane in Haysville (Attn: Flag Design Contest). You don’t have to be a Haysville resident to enter.

There have been close to 30 entries so far, according to Cullen.

Whatever the winning design will be, it will be difficult to compete with Wichita’s city flag, which has received high marks from the North American Vexillogical Association – an organization dedicated to the study of flags.

The association’s then-president, David Martucci, was quoted in 2004 saying Wichita “has a great flag,” and it was his “number one pick” in a best-flags survey.

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