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Mystery surrounds final Wichita ‘Lockup’ episode

A screengrab of the title screen showcases “Lockup Wichita, KS: Extended Stay,” which aired in January and February.
A screengrab of the title screen showcases “Lockup Wichita, KS: Extended Stay,” which aired in January and February. Courtesy photo

“Lockup” gripped Wichitans in the first couple of months of 2017, providing insight into life in the Sedgwick County Jail.

But now, months after the Wichita episodes have floated into the ether of reruns, ardent followers of the show are asking: What happened to the final episode?

In the official trailer for the Wichita season, which executives said would be the final season for “Lockup,” three inmates are profiled whose stories never saw the air.

Among them was David Kendall, a former jail deputy convicted of sex crimes with an inmate (1:11-1:30 in the video).

Another story that never appeared in the five “Lockup” episodes: A woman in the trailer tells the cameras “I have no emotion – selling drugs, selling girls, collecting money that’s owed to me. I will kick in your door, take everything you have, from the shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom to the toilet paper off the roll in your cabinet” (0:50-1:02 in the video).

Then another inmate interviewed is shown crying in front of the cameras (2:24-2:30), a clip that was never shown on the show.

Past seasons of “Lockup: Extended Stay” almost always include six episodes, according to the Internet Movie Database website.

The Facebook page for “Lockup” makes no further reference to Wichita beyond the fifth episode, which aired in mid-February.

Multiple e-mails sent to the press agency that handles “Lockup” publicity have not been returned. The last time the agency, which provided a courtesy video clip of each episode, corresponded with The Eagle was after the fifth episode aired. When asked for the final week’s clip, the agency replied: “No clip is available this week.”

It’s possible the episode was simply scrapped for other reasons, but that doesn’t explain the unused footage in the official trailer, which one has to assume would have been cut after the season’s production was completed.

Sedgwick County sheriff’s Lt. Lin Dehning said he had heard nothing as to why the episode never aired.

“I’m going to assume that it’s whatever the production company decides to do with it,” Dehning said. “I don’t think we have any input to what they air at all.”

The sheriff’s office told The Eagle in 2015 that it hoped the show would serve as a recruitment tool for the department, showcasing positive aspects of the detention facility.

“What we’re hoping for is to get some positive recognition for our staff and the hard work they do inside the building every day,” Capt. Jared Schechter told The Eagle in 2015. “There are 100 good things that go on behind these walls every day, but the public never gets to see them.”

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