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Bonnie Bing: Caring for each other is the root of all goodness

Sometimes it takes a catastrophe to bring us to our senses. A tragedy brings us back to realizing the safety and well being of our family, friends and fellow Americans is what really matters.

Caring for each other is the root of all goodness.

Harvey and Irma proved hurricanes are devastating. But the rest of the country proved we believe in helping our neighbors, even if they are several states away.

Millions of dollars have been donated. Countless volunteer hours have been spent doing whatever needed to be done to bring comfort to those who have lost so much. It’s a refreshing change when watching the news restores your faith in humanity instead of making you worry about a country divided.

A woman being interviewed on television after Hurricane Harvey held her small child close to her. Through her tears she said, “People are being so helpful and wonderful. I can’t believe the kindness.”

I thought of what that woman said when I read about Zachary Gibson, a man on a kindness campaign. He started his project back in January. He has nearly completed his mission of putting 100 miniature mailboxes around Los Angeles. Now he’s starting to get more placed around the country.

The Tiny Mailbox Project is sort of a social experiment where you see one of these tiny mailboxes. You look inside and there’s a note. The note will say something nice or perhaps encouraging. Then you write and leave a note for someone else to be uplifted by a kind message.

Zachary told reporter Christine Copelan at “Parade Magazine” that he has received messages from people who told him they had a bad day improved when they came upon a tiny mailbox with a nice message in it.

I love this project. But when I was telling an acquaintance about it she said, “Well, the cute little mailboxes will probably just get stolen, or someone will write a nasty note or think they’re funny and write an off color one.”

Well, yes, I guess that could happen and perhaps it has. But I still think it’s a great idea and I’m going to look into getting the tiny mailboxes and placing them around this very kind city we live in.

I’ll keep you posted.

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