Ready for another #ReadICT challenge? Here are the categories for 2019

Want to read more — or just more broadly — in 2019?

This year’s Wichita Eagle #ReadICT Challenge is a great way to ramp up your reading and be part of a growing, vibrant community of local book-lovers.

For our third annual challenge, we kept the concept the same: Read 12 books from 12 different categories over the next 12 months.

Once again, we made the categories fun and flexible, so you can stretch and adapt them to meet your reading habits or goals. Fiction, nonfiction, young adult, children’s literature — they’ll all fit into this year’s challenge.

We’re excited to continue our partnership with the Wichita Public Library, where you not only can check out books, e-books or audiobooks to complete the challenge but also track your progress online at

Ready to see the new categories? Here they are:

1. A book with a face on the cover

2. A book from a genre you don’t normally read

3. A book that makes you LOL

4. A book set in the place you were born

5. A classic or retelling

6. A book you’ve avoided or didn’t finish

7. A translated book

8. An award winner (Pulitzer, National Book Award, Newbery, etc.)

9. A book recommended by a child or teenager

10. A biography, autobiography or memoir

11. A book featuring a character who is different than you in some way (race, religion, abilities, etc.)

12. A book by an author slated to visit Kansas in 2019

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This year’s categories were inspired in part by members of the #ReadICT Challenge group on Facebook. The group, which grew to more than 1,100 members this year, is a wonderful place to share book recommendations, celebrate accomplishments and just talk about all things books and reading. We’d love for you to join.

One of the readers who completed last year’s #ReadICT challenge was 8-year-old Penny Hammond, who reads hundreds of books each year and had fun finding ones to fit into our 12 categories.

(Penny’s mom, Jessica Hammond, promised to take her out for ice cream when she finished the challenge — a delicious added incentive that we endorse for readers of all ages.)

For her detective novel, Penny read “The Old Motel Mystery,” a book in the beloved Boxcar Children series. For a topic in the news, she read “The Kid Who Ran for President” by Dan Gutman. For a book published the year she was born, she read “The Candymakers” by Wendy Mass.

Penny’s pick for a book about reading and writing was “The Island of Dr. Libris” by Chris Grabenstein, a middle-grade book that ended up being Penny’s favorite. (She highly recommends it, in case you need a book for this year’s Category No. 9 — a book recommended by a child or teenager.)

“Everybody should do it,” Penny said of the #ReadICT challenge. “I bet they would have fun finding new books to read.”

Indeed, this challenge is meant to inspire and encourage you. If you didn’t read a single book last year, set a goal to read one or two. Tackle the categories in order or randomly. Find your book with a face on the cover for Category No. 1 and post a fun photo on Twitter with the hashtags #ReadICT and #bookface.

Most of all, have fun.

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#ReadICT book swap

To celebrate the start of another challenge, we’re hosting a #ReadICT meetup and book swap on Jan. 6 at the Advanced Learning Library, 711 W. Second St. We’ll start at 2 p.m. and stick around for at least an hour or so.

Dig through your home libraries, round up any books you no longer want, bring them to the downtown library that afternoon and trade them for books you might like to read. It’s free, and the books will be first-come, first-served. Bring one book or a box full — or just come out to meet other members of this amazing #ReadICT community.

Any leftover books at the end of the event will be donated to the Friends of the Wichita Library. Hope to see you there!